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The African-Centered College Preparatory Academy is not just a school, but the result of 24 years of hard work and dedication by the Kansas City, MO, community.  The school offers innovative, college prep instruction to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade according to the principles of Ma'at and the Nguzo Saba. 

Our story began in 1988, J. S. Chick African Shule, one of the Kansas City Public Schools phenomenal African-centered elementary educational institution, providing a unique cultural education to nearly 350 students. Since then the program has evolved into a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade program servicing more than 920 students.

The latest evolution of the program, African-Centered College Preparatory Academy (AC Prep), continues the strong cultural aspects of the existing program with a revamped curriculum and the support services offered to all KCPS students. The school is led by a principal and advised by a Council of Elders (Wazuri) that offers input and guidance on every aspect of school operations. 

Student dancers of AC Prep